Day six

I just love this ad for an apartment in Geneva I noticed the other day. Note that the kitchen in Switzerland is counted as a room, so this is a one bedroom apartment.

Third floor
3.5 pieces (Swiss Classification)

One entrance room + another one smaller with wardrobe
One bed room with big wardrobe
One bathroom
One chicken (fully equipped with my personal elements)
One very big living room with bow-window

This puts a big smile on my face whenever I think of it.

One of the things about being in this part of the world is that things I like buying are cheaper. Italian pasta is cheaper than in Australia, for example. Last week I bought normal sized packets of spaghetti – 250g – for $1 a packet. Today, I was at Manor and – what a bargain! – 1kg packs of spaghetti for…$1. Also bottled tomato sauce for the same price.

Day’s spend $13.50

Total $190

Daily average: $32


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