Day nine

How good is this: I have a patisserie maybe 2 minutes walk away. So, if you wished, suppose you lived here and went to work each day. It would be the easiest thing to buy a fresh baked baguette each morning – and a breakfast croissant if that were your thing – make yourself lunch, the whole thing would cost a few francs….NOT EXPENSIVE, Geneva!!!

I’m sick. But I slowly took myself to the market, making a five minute walk into ten. Five degrees, by the way, and a coat was still unnecessary. It was a beautiful morning.

Spent $20 on fruit/vegetable shopping which will be about all I need for a week and for this I got:

500g high quality small French lentils. $5
100g small divine tomatoes – these ARE expensive, but I’ve said a million times that I’m prepared to pay for good tomatoes, so that’s what I’m doing.
250g spinach – large leaf, not baby, but sold loose, clean without stems. Worth it!
1+ kg bananas $2.50/kg
1 punnet raspberries $3.50
1 bunch parsley
100g green beens $8/kg
4 carrots
1 lemon
substantial bunch of bird’s eye chillies, maybe 30: $3.50

This is shopping at the best quality – and it really is good – stall in the market. I could have spent less and got inferior produce. Update: I’ve just unpacked my parsley. It is old, I wish I’d checked it. Last week at the same place it was very nice.

Here the open air markets are not self-serve. I like that old-fashioned approach, despite the parsley situation.

Total spend so far $237

Average/day $26


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