Day ten

I open the shutters this morning and ooooh……ahhhh snow. I’ve never seen snow before and here it is ever so lightly sailing down past the window. I open the window up and one takes a detour into my hand…and disappears.

Very slowly I walk down to knitting, discovering a much better route, maybe half the distance as I go. The sun shines on us as we sit alongside the glass walls of Starbucks. It takes me a long time to open the door on the way out because I push instead of pull, maybe. A man who has been watching as he waits for me so that he can come in says something in German as we pass each other. Avril who speaks German translated it: ‘Strange. You look confused. And yet you have just had coffee’. !! Well, I hadn’t actually. I hate coffee. And, in any case, this was Starbucks. I understand the key to liking Starbucks is to resign one’s self to the idea that what you get there is not coffee.

I come back via Manor. Buy some chicken wings half price but still $10/kg; I get half a kilo. I have designs on them for lunch tomorrow.

Dinner: a favourite I haven’t eaten for SO long. While spaghetti is boiling, gently heat olive oil and warm chopped garlic with anchovies, breaking them up as you stir and chopped fresh chilli to taste. Let sit off the heat and increase temperature just at the end again while draining the spaghetti. Toss the spaghetti through, adding LOADS of chopped parsley – there is no such thing as too much, you are using it as a vegetable. Serve with freshly grated parmesan and a vast supply of freshly ground pepper. I just adore this.

Total spend: $230

Daily average: $23.


3 thoughts on “Day ten

  1. Couldn’t agree more about tomatos; one of the best things about China was the superabundance of unbelievably tasty tomatos; likewise the best thing about our local Sunday market. Love the recipe; garlic, parsley, anchovies, chilli, great combination. Presume the local pasta is good?

    BTW, I’ve now subscribed to this blog multiple times, but I still don’t get the updates emailed to me. Not that it’s a drama, just a technological curiosity.


  2. I’m just buying cheap dry pasta at the supermarket, but that is strongly my preference. The trend in Australia to buy fresh pasta is based more on ignorance than anything else. Most of it is dreadful – just because somebody has made it in a machine, it doesn’t mean it will be any good, any more than the bread people make you eat when you visit because they made it themselves in their bread-making machine, sigh.

    I’m sure there are fresh pasta shops in Australia that sell edible pasta, but they are few and far between. Most Italians most of the time buy packets of dry pasta. Well, I’m not in Rome….but I’m not far away either!

    Having said that, there is a food market near by selling fresh noodles and I will try it some time just out of curiosity.

    The spaghetti sauce described is my favourite, I’m simply addicted to it and have been for years. It came from the most unlikely place: a little feature in a local rag in Melbourne which was called something like ‘What’s in your supermarket trolley?’ Just ordinary punters being asked….these two mentioned all the ingredients for this dish and described their attachment to it. I’ve been making it every since.

    Parsley is an almost perfect food: so nutritionally high in so many things that in my opinion if you ate a bunch of it a day or so, it would give you this huge start.

    Change the serving size to 28g, but as I suggest in the recipe, use parsley like a vegetable in this, you can’t put too much in.


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