Day 13

I get a package: Noro Taiyo yarn on sale, couldn’t resist. Four balls, enough to make a jumper. When you are exiled packages are such fun.

I meet Lizzy for knitting and a rave about the meaning of life. Starbucks, three hours, one cup of tea each, and a million dollar view of water and snow-capped mountains in the distance. It is a gorgeous sunny day, 2 degrees, but as usual, that isn’t cold. She says they would have kicked us out in the UK by then. I suggest that because we are foreigners, maybe we get ignored….and maybe in the UK, if it comes to that, I’m a foreigner.

Went out shopping this morning without my coat, which I considered I didn’t need. People keep warning me, respect the cold. Clearly there is something I don’t understand here, though I’m listening! Maybe the point is the furthest distance I’m going from home on these walks is maybe eight minutes. Can I freeze to death or something in that time, however nasty the weather turned? Maybe so! Maybe I just don’t get it.

I discuss bacon with Lizzy. Europeans just don’t understand that there are an infinite number of ways bacon has to be sold. Smoked or not, cured or not, thick or thin sliced, streaky or lean, short or long. Well, practically infinite. I have brought her some of my local Spanish supply to try. The smell has her weak at the knees. Ohhhhh.

When I bought some today, I discovered it is $14/kg. Honestly!!! You couldn’t get the worst bacon in the world for that price in Australia.

Today: $20

Total spend: $275

Average/day: $21


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