Day 17

Apparently the snow is unseasonal and nobody is happy about it. Getting around is difficult for everybody, not just Australians. Lots of people stop going places, I gather. Since I have a lot of nice places I can go that are very close to home, this is not going to affect me much. But still, if the snow disappears and I’m told it might be gone next week, I’d love to be able to walk around in a more adventurous way than I am right now.

Starbucks continues to be hospitable. One may sit there for hours nursing a cup of tea and nobody minds.

I discovered thermal leggings today. $90 for one pair of best warmest…now, I’m not going to include these in my costs of living in Geneva. I haven’t bought a pair of leggings for about five years and I’m long due a pair. I hope the logic of that is a fair thing.

Lunch: lovely sourdough toast with butter and vegemite. I have to get used to the idea that, as far as I can tell, there is no such thing as salted butter here. Drown it in vegemite and that doesn’t matter.

Promise kept: that I would never have to use wet bath mats or towels. It is cozy warm in the bathroom, though I’m not sure why….

Spent today: $10: one cup of tea, one piece of pizza, an impulse extravagance on account of being starving.

Total: $320
Average/day: $20


2 thoughts on “Day 17

  1. Keep your legs & head warm & all else follows. Gloves only work AFTER your hands are hot. Never put cold hands into gloves. Mittens maybe. In North China (-30C) I had woollen mittens inside felted wool gloves inside a waterproof “overglove”. This worked.

    Mind you, you won’t see -30 in Geneva, I wouldn’t think.

    I survived an English winter because of corduroy pants (1976 – maybe it was unseasonably warm), but since then I have found thermal underwear the basis of solutions to all cold weather.


    • I was kind of assuming that bottom rather than top was the issue as my top already has shirt, jumper, coat, something like that.

      Interesting, about gloves. I have some angora yarn left over from a scarf and I was thinking about mittens, but I’ve gone instead for something incredibly old-fashioned which I think will work a treat: a muff. Just a little one, pop some ribbon on it, hang it around my neck. The trouble with mittens – and even a lot of gloves – is that you have to take them off to do anything. That is time-consuming and requires some care so as not to lose what you take off. In contrast you can slip your hands in and out of a muff…Maybe it’ll turn out it has to be structured, ie have some stuffing to it, but I’m hoping mine will work…

      I’m not going to hit -30 but I AM a wimp.


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