Metamorphisis of a blog

I had a clear idea of what this blog was going to be, but then something happens that is life-changing…suddenly I’m alive when I might be dead and I think I’m going to talk more about that. The price of potatoes just doesn’t seem that interesting any more.

For now, I spend my life here translating French via google…the effect is often charming. I feel sure that the following blog entry from the nicest yarn shop in Geneva, Tricolaine, would not be nearly as appealing in the original:

The knitter DISHONEST
Elles sont belles, ces pelotes multi-couleurs et artisanale importés du Japon, elles ne sont pas bon marché mais elles ne valent pas l’embarras de se faire attrapé dans un vol malhonnête et petit dans un magasin de laine. They are beautiful, these multi-colored balls and crafts imported from Japan, they are not cheap but they are not worth the embarrassment of being caught in theft and dishonesty in a small yarn store. La passion du tricot et le vol font mauvais mariage. The passion for knitting and theft are bad marriage. Vous n’êtes pas la bienvenue chez Tricolaine, tricoteuse honteuse. You’re not welcome in Tricolaine, knitter shameful.

Voilà, j’ai dit ce que j’avais à dire sur le sujet, je retourne aux choses plus joyeuses. There, I said what I had to say about it, I go back to happier things.

More on how my life works now tomorrow.


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