The Reformation

Yesterday I went to the Reformation Museum. I recommend that you swat up on it first so that you know what all the piecemeal information means. And kick off early. A couple of hours was not nearly long enough. It is tailored to English users with both English text of everything and also a commentary in English you carry around and listen to.

One thing took me aback. It was a highly partisan, partial trip. It was proud of its subject. Are museums always like that?


2 thoughts on “The Reformation

  1. Sure. All institutions are proud of their ideology, even, perversely, if it’s an ideology of self-hatred. The idea of a museum is to control the narrative of history; witness, amongst others, the BM’s argument that they should be allowed to keep their looted display items because they can present them better than their place of origin.


    • I don’t really understand this. Why should it be to control the narrative of history? I see the BM feeling it is right to keep things quite different from whether they display and interpret in a prejudicial way.


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