Markets in Geneva

Geneva may have more dollar per person spent on culture than anywhere else in the world. It wouldn’t surprise me. But I wouldn’t mind betting it is best for fresh food produce too.

When I was in Manchester I found the importation of fresh fruit and vegetables to be offputting. They all looked like they’d travelled a long way. Everything in plastic, often prepared in some way first, chopped and tailed, for example, which is a sure sign of something having seen better days.

Here I dare say most of the same food is imported and yet it is all utterly inviting. Even the seafood, though I still can’t actually bring myself to buy seafood in a country that is landlocked.

Today we went to Halle de Rive. One seriously expensive green grocer, a couple of seafood stalls, smallgoods, butchers, their wares all exquisitely prepared.

Unlike my local poulterer in Melbourne who will do things to a chicken for me, but wants me to come back, here it doesn’t matter if there is a queue a yard deep behind you, you want your poulet prepared in some way, it shall be done, on the spot, that principle again. There is a queue but you are at the head of it.

An extravagance today, but I couldn’t resist. Two pieces of veal for schnitzel, $13, to be crumbed tomorrow. I don’t have the facility to make my own crumbs, so a mysterious packet has been purchased. I will report.


One thought on “Markets in Geneva

  1. Hmmm….well, the UK *is* an island! Plus, Switzerland borders with some high-production countries and the food just has to be driven there.


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