Tea in Geneva: intrepid investigation continues

They just love tea here. Hate the English, love tea, maybe? Right near me I have discovered a gorgeous tea shop. I can buy China White, Buddha’s tears, some really fabulous teas. The lady who owns the shop is full of advice: don’t use water that is too hot. And you can reuse these leafs several times.

For now I have gone with 50g of their cheaper China White for 7F and 50g English Breakfast, 3F. I’m sipping the former as I write. Very nice.

I continue to be baffled by the weather. It is a top of 13 today, and yet it is SO warm, even though overcast. I’m watching EVERYBODY dressed in coat and scarf. I wore mine, but at some point had to take it off. Even then, even with no more than a long sleeved tshirt on and jeans, I was still hot.

I’ve invested in a mouse mat. My landlady gave me a lace tablecloth to protect the desk that is under my computer and the consequences for my speed chess have been devastating. No more excuses now.


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