One of the things I love about Geneva is that the population is so well dressed. Mostly in a very conservative way, but I discovered the suburb of Carouge yesterday which is full of small design studios of the type you expect to see in any city, but I thought maybe didn’t exist here. I didn’t investigate thoroughly, but will next week.

Meanwhile, I’ve just been taking a look at my favourite fashion site: Sarah-Louise, I’m sure you will love it if you haven’t seen it already. The Satorialist.


3 thoughts on “Fashion

  1. Very interesting! Although I think I’d rather emulate the mens’ style – all the women photographed look so overdone and underfed! Poor souls…


    • I was rather cross with the site about this for a while, until I came upon a post there discussing the situation. Evidently he finds it almost impossible to get women past the age of about 40 to agree to be photographed. Isn’t that sick? Ie women are perpetuating the crappy ideas about what they should look like etc…Fancy having about the best fashion photographer in the world wanting to take your picture and refusing.

      When I read about this I must say it made me feel rather disgusted with the whole female thing where they complain about how things are, but then do all they can to perpetuate the situation.

      There aren’t none. EG:

      And a younger version of a style I like that doesn’t look underfed:

      Maybe you have to go back. Maybe as he became more famous girls became more reticent if they didn’t think they look like they were supposed to….

      At any rate, it isn’t the photographer’s fault!!! How interesting is that?!


      • That’s very, very interesting. So stupid of them! I have always felt that it is women perpetuating poor body image, and then they complain that men drive them to it…


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