It’s cheese, Spock, but not as we know it.

I know they have one hundred and fifty varieties of cheese here. It’s just that I’m fairly sure that we’re talking about one hundred varieties of Gruyere, forty-nine of Emmental and one very smelly one whose name I can’t say or write.

Spent about $30 a kilo on English cheddar the other day and it was crap cheddar, no taste whatsoever. I’m not asking for much, I’d like a kg of Coon cheddar, which is great for cooking and costs less than a third of that.

Ummmm. Okay. I also want Continental packet chicken noodle soup: NOT salt-reduced. I want every bit of that killer salt in there. This is for cooking with, in case you are wondering.

I want Vegemite because I’m about to run out.



3 thoughts on “It’s cheese, Spock, but not as we know it.

  1. Vegemite, Coon cheese and Continental Soup powder…You have a salt problem. I think of Gruyere as primarily a cooking cheese.

    Anyway, if you’re desperate, I’m sure I can organise a food package with the 1st & 3rd items on the list; I doubt they’d be on any quarantine lists.


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