The worst movie….

I’m stretching my mind to try to recall a worst movie in my experience than Hereafter. If I’d realised that it was by the same director as did Million Dollar Baby I wouldn’t have even thought of going to see it. My expectations were not disappointed. It was even worse than sitting through a movie of watching women beating in each other’s brains. Eastwood does like making movies where the audience preys on people doing gross things.

To make matters worse approximately a third of the movie was unintelligible. It was supposed to be an English movie with French and German subtitles. Since a third of the movie is in French, presumably in the original it had subtitles in English for that part of it. Here in Geneva those subtitles were assiduously extracted, so that although it was advertised as an English movie, one could only follow it with fluent French as well. I must say, I found the unintelligible French more bearable than the rest.



4 thoughts on “The worst movie….

  1. I like Eastwood as a performer, generally, but as a director I’ve really struggled to enjoy his films qua films. For example, I found “Bird” interesting because I love jazz & particularly bop & Parker is such a legendary figure which meant that even the long, poorly organised and to an extent clichéd mess that “Bird” was, as a film, was enjoyable to me. (Hope you were able to navigate that last sentence). Likewise, “Play Misty For Me” had everything except tension – pity, given that it was meant to be a thriller. “Unforgiven”, the same; looks good, well plotted, challenges the genre, but strangely ends up boring.

    I haven’t bothered with the latest crop; many of them sound worthy (the Two Flags/ Iwo Jima duopoly (what’s a trilogy for 2?) is at least an interesting idea) but I have had a gut feeling that they would be dull.

    “Hereafter” didn’t even sound worthy. You have confirmed my suspicions.


  2. Agreement is reached. I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who hated Million Dollar Baby. I thought it was an ego trip for Eastwood combined with giving the audience the vicarious pleasure of watching women bash each other. I have an idea, though, that this is supposed to be feminist, approving of women boxing. Like lemmings we are supposed to box because men do and that makes us equal. Shakes head.


    • I thought it was a really manipulative film, also I find Hilary Swank annoying, always have, ever since she used to do TV movies in the early 1990s. And yes, it was definitely an ego trip for Mr E.


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