Hamburger Swiss style

Most days I walk past Cafe Remor. It’s specialty claims to be hamburgers and eventually this had to be tested. Today was the day.

$20 got you a hamburger more Australian style than American, nice bun, good meat, thin layer of melted cheese and some sort of mysterious vegetable as well (really, you wouldn’t notice) separate sauce having various choices. It didn’t occur to me there wouldn’t be chips with it. In fact potatoes I’d say had been boiled in their jackets and sauted lightly in butter before being served whole. Geneva has these delightful small sweet potatoes and these were no exception. There was a large lettuce mixed leaf salad on the plate with a good balsamic dressing. It was only after we’d finished that I noticed the bread on the table, wrapped in paper to keep it fresh, I guess. It was a delicate yellow colour, no idea what – corn bread??? – light, ever so slightly sweet, maybe?

Could I sum it up as being an honest hamburger and exactly what one would expect from the Swiss. As I sit here at 5.30pm recounting the meal and thinking I shan’t be eating dinner, that does seem to speak for itself as being good value.


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