Definitely not a Swiss twist.

Saw the movie French Twist last night. Terrific for quite a while, but felt like it lost it somewhere. It was, after all, a one idea film which didn’t have a good way of ending, so it was stuck with a bad one. It felt like that thing American movies do where they spoil the absurd somehow.

Speaking of which, saw this the other day: Shadow of the Vampire a BBC movie starring John Malkovich.

Fabulous movie, with that very amusing take on method acting: in brief a real vampire is used, but the cast/crew think he is method acting and that’s why they always see him in character offstage.

I was rather pleased to discover that John Malkovich is totally not a method actor, method acting being, after all, a contradiction in terms. Far from being a method actor he turns up, does a bit of cross stitch while he’s hanging about and then hopes for the best.

Of course, one could argue that he method acted for most of his life, getting ready for the role ‘Being John Malkovich.’ Yeah, well. Not surprisingly it’s the only film I’ve disliked with him in it. It totally messed up the idea of absurd.

If you haven’t gathered yet, in my opinion, method acting sucks. Ummm. And not just in vampire movies. Though I can see, sucks, vampires, maybe? Legitimate??


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