Coen bros….

…do it again.

True Grit is splendid. I confess I don’t think I’ve seen the John Wayne version, but this one is one of those excellent Westerns the US comes up with now and then. Fantastic in all respects, a must see.

Meanwhile…thinking of learning to play Go. Is this a completely insane thing to do????


2 thoughts on “Coen bros….

  1. Pleased to hear good things about True Grit – I will go for sure now (have been turning it over in my mind). Accidentally saw “Burn After Reading” on TV recently- so good that I will probably have to revisit “The Big Lebowski”, the only one of their films I have never liked.

    I would learn Go like a shot if I had the time to try & play it well. Such a beautifully simple ruleset for such amazingly complex outcomes. (Mind you, there are some oddities in scoring very close games, but I guess that allows people to console themselves by thinking, Oh well, I’d’ve won this if I was playing in China.

    Did you know one of the Cayne regulars is an ex-world champion at Go? Not that he’s much cop at bridge.


    • I simply can’t understand why people rave about The Big L. I’d say it is down the bottom of what they have done.

      As for Go, apparently a book on how to play has been ordered for me. Meanwhile, I’m about to finish the novel The Master of Go. Have you read that? If so, what do you think?

      And did NOT know about the Cayne player: which one?


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