Geneva goes mad

…with the idea of Sunday shopping!!! It is so strange living in a place where everything is shut on Sunday.

Still. In a wild daring experiment Carouge is opening up its doors on the first Sunday of every month:

Carouge on Sundays

Carouge is an expensive trendy arty designery part of town. If it were possible to get a good breakfast in Geneva, it would be in Carouge.

It is not, however, possible.



One thought on “Geneva goes mad

  1. It’s funny, I still remember when they introduced Sunday shopping in the UK. When I was a small child, there was no traffic on a Sunday because nothing was open. And then Brent Cross started having Sunday opening – but not John Lewis or Marks and Spencer as they were above such things. Also, the supermarkets that were open didn’t sell alcohol.
    This must all be about 20 years ago and Sundays are a free-for-all now, they’ve even loosened up the opening hours. So it’s quite amusing to note that the Swiss are only just getting into it.


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