My market shop today

So, I keep defending the idea that Geneva isn’t the expensive trap people assume it is.

Today I spent 11.50CHF, a little more in AUD and took home:

1 cos lettuce
6 apricots
5 peaches
1 lovely looking bunch of basil not hydroponic
2 bananas
3 mangoes

I could have paid 6F a mango instead of 1F. I could have paid 9F/kg for the peaches instead of 5F. Ditto the apricots.

As usual, when you do your market shopping, there is a wide variety of quality and prices. And, as usual in summer, often the best is cheapest because it is ready to eat.

Absolutely fantasic array of tomatoes here, by the way. All manner of sizes, shapes, colours. I’ve got some black ones and some very red ones at the moment, yet to try either…the red are going with the basil in a very simple summer spaghetti sauce.


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