Hilarious things about Venice

(1) Staying in this posh hotel, 15th century building, plush, full of antiques, and the glasses in the room? In Venice, home of Murano Island? City of glass? The glasses are plastic. Seriously mean and nasty plastic, not even sturdy could-reuse plastic.

(2) In Geneva hot chocolate is usually a mug of lukewarm UHT milk with a sachet of powder on the side which doesn’t dissolve properly on account of the milk not being hot enough. This will cost maybe 4 or 5 francs. I’ve just had the most fantastic hot chocolate today here in Venice – as you’d expect, after all, it is the land of hot chocolate, Italy – and it comes from? Lindt!!!

Plug for Impronta cafe/restaurant on Dorsoduro. Excellent cocktails as well as hot chocolate.

(3) Most leather shops are manned by Chinese girls and the leather, although stamped ‘Made in Italy’ looks to be of dubious providence. Today I saw a sign in one shop ‘Everything you see here in this shop is not made in China.’ I so wanted to explain to him that this sign did not say what he meant…but he looked so despondent, nobody is ever in his shop, I didn’t have the heart.

(4) You cannot use churches as navigation points. There is a church about every 50m and I have no idea how to tell them apart.


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