Finding an apartment in Geneva 2

Yesterday we went to view an apartment at 9am on a weekday. It was ‘cheap’ by local standards, but this means 2700CHF/month and the kitchen was an insult without even a stove/oven and fittings from dodgy Joe’s that must have cost ooooh, maybe 22CHF for the lot.

We were there with at least 50 other people. Fortunately we don’t consider ourselves desperate enough to have to apply for this one, but I’m sure most people did.

In the queue whilst waiting to come in heard somebody say ‘I’ve just come back from the Third World and I feel like I haven’t left.’ Too true. The worst thing about the process is how dehumanising it is. You are treated like scum, you feel like scum. And there is not a thing you can do about it if you have to live in this part of the world. You have to find a way of dealing with being pond scum whilst feeling like ‘hey, but I’m a professional and I have a good income and I -‘ They don’t give a fuck. A bomb could drop on all of us tomorrow and the Regies wouldn’t even notice because there is a bottomless pit of us.


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