Finding an apartment in Geneva 5

So you go to a place which has a tenant in place, who wishes to end their lease early. They want to take your dossier to give to the regie. We’ve been doing this, but I’ve been advised not to. You are handing over a lot of very private personal information. Ask for the regie’s details so you can apply direct. If the tenant won’t give you this information, you have to wonder why.

As for this thing about being recommended by the tenant: again, my understanding is that this is complete rubbish. The regie and owner will pick the person they think is best, not the mate of the tenant, or the person who the tenant likes because he’s agreed to buy all the furniture the tenant wants to leave. The regie and owner have not the least interest in anything other than picking the person they think will pay the rent on time. That’s it. So don’t feel like you have to suck up to the outgoing tenant. No point to this whatsoever. And if the outgoing tenant is only going to submit your details if you do suck up to him and refuses to give you the information you need to apply directly yourself: move on. Even in Geneva you don’t need to be this desperate.


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