Summer in Geneva means buskers. Sigh.

Make sure you come back, but take a moment to click on this: What buskers look like in other parts of the world

Not in Geneva. In Geneva, buskers are beggars dressed up with instruments. They have almost none of the required skills to make listening to their noise bearable. At the end of playing in front of a trapped outside-restaurant or coffee shop audience, they try to make you give them money. Sort of like it is their right. How dare you sit there exploiting their generous love of music without coughing up. Once we were being forced to listen to one such busker singing in Italian. The girl I was with burst out laughing because he was so dreadful. Sure enough, an Italian passed by and spent a few moments trying to teach him how to say the words properly. No charge.

Even worse, they do this on busses/trams, so you have no opportunity to escape the offensive sounds, whilst at the same time when they demand their payment, it is harder to tell them where to go.

Geneva is an incredibly beautiful place in summer, but it also means being harrassed on all sides. More on this to come.


2 thoughts on “Summer in Geneva means buskers. Sigh.

  1. I find noise pollution really offensive. Have you ever lived in a place where every day for months bad musicians play loudly outside your home for hours at a time? Even if they were GOOD at what they do this would be hard to tolerate!


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