Istanbul (2) Food and views

The Museum of Modern Art is on the water of the European side and on its good days, including the day we left, it has fantastic views of the water and the Muslim side. I say ‘its good days’ because you might just as easily hit a day, as we also did, where a huge luxury liner becomes a blight on your view. You can watch rich people’s balconies on the ship and that’s about it.

I’m told the Cafe is good, but if you pick the right day, the Museum Cafe would be worth even an ordinary meal just for the sparkling views – you can sit outside on the water. I gather it is open at night, even after the Museum is closed.

However, I’d say that these views are dwarfed by the hotel restaurant we went to, the name of which I have completely forgotten. Perhaps Sarah-Louise will help me out here. On one side of the room, the sea view and the lights of the European side. On the other, the truly imposing mosques of the Muslim side on which the restaurant is located. Spilled out between the hotel and the mosques in a higgledy-piggledy way are the homes of locals, I’d say ‘poor’ homes, but is that so? I didn’t see nearly enough of Istanbul to make such a judgement.


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