A French fromage interlude

I’ve stopped buying cheese in Switzerland. It is expensive by local standards – not by Australian – and there is nothing very positive to say about it. Brie here is like rubber, even the same brand as would be meltingly oozy elsewhere.

Yet one may travel no more than a few kms to Ferney-Voltaire just across the border and cheese is wonderful and cheap. On Saturday we went to Fromagerie Michelin and came back with:

Brin d’Amour brebis Corse. This is a soft sheep cheese rolled in herbs. Nothing like those plastic cheeses with plastic herb flavouring. It was divine, we gobbled the lot today. It’s a cheese that has only been around since the 1950s, unlike our next offering:

Comté has been around since the 13th century and is an unpasteurised cow cheese, hard, fairly strong taste and a little sweet. I understand it is licensed and comes in grades: I don’t know the grade of what we had. I do know that the only reason we only ate half of it was because of the Brin d’Amour.

Lastly an Emmanthal which had the biggest holes I’ve ever seen in Swiss cheese. Trust the French to outdo their neighbours. I’d dug into that one too (and no, that doesn’t explain the holes) but I have to say it was putdownable compared with the others. I also figured it would last the longest.

So much for my very disciplined dieting regime. Darn it!


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