$100 for ONE oyster…

Geneva? Expensive? Pah. My sister sent me a link to a restaurant she went to in Pt Lincoln the other day – an important fishing area of South Australia.

My eyes boggled when I got to this on the menu:

King Oysters
$100 per oyster | Served natural
With its strong aroma of the rugged southern ocean, this goliath from the sea has got to be seen to be believed. With its firm tender texture, this grand old oyster is the steak oyster of the ocean. It has an incredible array of complex aromatic flavours and a strong oceanic aftertaste that only comes with age.

My oh my. I wrote to my sister to say obviously that was a misprint, thinking maybe it was supposed to say $10/oyster, wildly expensive as that is. She assured me it was correct, the shell is about the size of a breakfast bowl.

There is a report and picture of the 1kg oyster, a steal at $1200 a dozen here.

I hope you all in the Northern Hemisphere are starting to understand that even the oysters are killers in Australia. By the way, I can’t make myself go to see Snowwhite and the Huntsmen here. Just google huntsmen and see why….


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