A better way of speaking French?

I’m reading Flaubert at the moment, in the original English. Darned if I know why he translated it into French, I wouldn’t have bothered, myself.

You see, I’m being bullied into reinvigorating my learning Francais campaign and I’ve got a new approach now.

They are lazy little fuckers, the French. I mean, not like the Greek economy (little joke, Greek economy, just in case you are reading this. Hmm. 11am. You probably aren’t out of bed then. Oh, sorry. It’s hard to stop). The French…yes….They finish so few of their words when they are speaking that I’ve developed a bit of a complex about finishing them at al-. Thinking about this, I’ve come up with a strategy for being better recognised when I wheel out my French. I speak fairly slowly and stop about 2/3 of the way through the word. If I get a reaction like they have recognised it, I stop and move onto the next word. If they look baffled, I finish the rest of the word off – it might help, and it isn’t going to get any more confusing than it already is.

What can I say. You heard it first here.


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