May the sun never rise….

…on the one vegetarian restaurant in Geneva. I don’t have the words for just how bad it is. But I’m going to try.

Staring at the most pedestrian menu I have ever seen: the most tedious salads, stuffed spuds, tinned tuna (for that sort of vegetarian), I ordered spaghetti pesto – one of my companions thought that a brave decision, but honestly. How bad can pesto be? A complete idiot could whip up the ingredients in about 30 seconds.


That bad………

I can only assume it came from a jar: it had that preserved vinegar taste that pesto has when it is made to last, but what a jar. Pits of a jar, the worst jarred pesto, just the worst. And tomato???????? Chunky chopped tomato in pesto? In other words, it held not the most passing, cursory resemblance to anything we would call pesto.

I’d say it sucked but you’d say, well, yes. Spaghetti. You suck it, right?


2 thoughts on “May the sun never rise….

    • Sick puppy, you are. Shakes head. I mean, the reason pesto isn’t vinegary is it DOESN’T HAVE VINEGAR IN IT. Your complaint is like saying that the schitznels somewhere don’t have enough lentils in them. ENOUGH?????????????!!!


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