Is ‘vegetarian’ food?

My sister pretty much agrees with pork is a vegetable. Me, I see no reason to insult vegetables this way. The thing about meat is that it is inherently taste-full. Vegetables you have to work harder with, that’s all.

For the bad way to do vegetarian, see my last post about Sunset. The kind of salads that start with grated carrot – and you have to pick through the bad stuff to get to that – wraps and baked potatoes all served with salad bar which Australian hotels in the 1960s wouldn’t have served their guests (and that’s saying something).

Good vegetarian isn’t to die for – well, you’d have to try harder than you would for meat, since it is so damn healthy – but it is worth eating and we are talking about taste here, not health.

My friend Neil told me today on skype that I should try Yotam Ottolenghi’s Plenty which is a vegetarian book by a non-vegetarian. So, I googled Yotam, and of course. I go to one of his cafes in London whenever I get the chance. The food, vegetarian and otherwise is exquisite. Unfortunately since discovering Yotam’s Belgravia shop, I have discovered Oz coffee shops in London, so when I go, by the time I’ve had one or two (or, ummmmmmm three) breakfasts (and yes, I do mean at a sitting), Yotam’s food rather pales. Neil will appreciate what a compliment that is to Aussie restaurants which are fortunately taking over Europe. They’ve started in London and they are slowly working their way to Geneva. I just wish they’d hurry up!

Losing the plot here. Vegetarian. Yes, definitely food. I’m going to post some recipes here over the next few days with this in mind. See you then.


2 thoughts on “Is ‘vegetarian’ food?

  1. I need to take you to Mildred’s some time. A veggie restaurant so amazing you never miss the meat. Your post reminds me, btw, that I haven’t been to Lantana in some time. May have to organise a little tripette there soon.


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