My $1000 pan

Twenty odd years ago my rubber bridge partner and I took on at a high stake one of the top pairs in Australia. I shan’t go into details, but they really fixed our little red wagon to the tune of $1000. One of them, Andrew, owned a big kitchen supplies wholesale business. He generously took me along to pick out some bits and pieces. Twenty years later, the one that is still with me is this pan….

After some years in Sydney, it spent 15 years in Melbourne and now it has valiantly followed me to Geneva. It is 31cm in diameter and try as I did, in London, in Oxford, in Geneva and Paris, I can’t find one that size in Europe. A good quality big flat-bottomed pan that has some depth and a lid – life’s scarcely worth living without one. The difference between 28cm and 31 might not sound like much but in practice it is the difference between a happy cook and a sad one. Yay!


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