Quail’s eggs: things to do with them

I know they look fiddley and you might hear they are hard to peel, but my limited experience is quite the opposite. I’ve had more luck peeling quail eggs then those of chickens where I find I generally end up with something that looks like it’s been in a fight or has some sort of poxy disease and is about the size of its small cousin by the time quite a bit of the egg clings, no matter what, to the shell.

Put them in cold water with your choice of something to stop them cracking: lemon juice or vinegar or salt; bring to very low simmer, stir a few time while they cook for 3-5 minutes. Stirring helps centre the yolks, I am given to understand. Cool in cold water. At some point peel, I do this when they are still warm, crack them all over, peel under running water.

(1) Take out the yolks and make stuffed eggs as you please. Last time I mashed the yolks with a little yoghurt, spring onion, garlic, freshly ground pepper, salt, a little mango chutney.

(2) Leave whole and serve with a little bowl of olive oil and a bowl of dukkah. Dip egg in the former and then in the latter.

Great finger food, I’ve taken both these ways on picnics and even halved and stuffed they survived the half hour walk to the park.


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