Value added – in which we trufflise a risotto

Well, I don’t know. I wasn’t expecting the earth to move. But I was expecting to taste it in my risotto. Sort of dirt flavoured. Instead, for my 940CHF/kg, I honestly didn’t even know it was there at all.

There are all those arguments about what makes us human rather than animals. We cook, we wear clothes. We have free will. What about we spend $13 on something that looks like a dog turd gone wrong? THEN we eat it. THAT’s what distinguishes us from the less intelligent life forms on this planet.

Just look at it:


Ugly little fucker isn’t it?

To think I was discussing whilst playing bridge online this morning, what a bargain this was. In Australia it would have cost $2000/kg.

At any rate, chef did such a marvellous job, I’m sitting back while he cooks me dinner too!

truffle risotto
truffle risotto

3 thoughts on “Value added – in which we trufflise a risotto

  1. How else can I put that? To me it didn’t add to the taste of the risotto in any way. It didn’t taste like dirt, like dog poo gone wrong, like mushroom….I’m sorry. My ‘value added’ in the title was sort of ironic, in case you need to be told.


  2. Manny, don’t listen to this crafty tactician. She is just saying she didn’t taste it so that you will go out and get more truffles in an attempt to help her taste it next time…


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