Irish star Moya Brennan plays at GLAS.


I guess the last thing I would have expected from my residency in Geneva over the last couple of years is an Irish education, but in fact that is exactly what I seem to be getting thanks to the Geneva Literary Aid Society or GLAS. Earlier this year we were treated to a young Australia/Irish comedian and most recently the very world-famous Moya Brennan. Let me confess right now, I hadn’t heard of her, but that is admitting the most base ignorance on my part.


Her wiki entry mentions that she has performed for the President of the US and with the Pope. Now that she’s done GLAS – I can’t understand why wiki hasn’t been updated – she really has done everything. The packed house sat spell-bound, including quite a few young children. Indeed when, towards the end, Moya said how pleased she was to see the littlies and hoped they weren’t bored, a couple of them near us, maybe 6 and 8, shook their heads vehemently. Bored? Oh no, they were saying. Having myself been breast-fed on live theatre and music, it was great to see that children are still being taken to things.

These pictures are courtesy of Denis…now how on earth, given I’ve never met him, did he know to take this:


Portrait of the writer in the hat I finished knitting the day before. It looks so cute, if I say so myself.

GLAS, led by Denis McClean puts on fantastic shows, perfect for the French-challenged, such as me, and raises money in the process for well-deserving charities. It is failing a basic IQ test not to get on their mailing list, where else in Geneva could you see a show like this for 30CHF??! This is Denis doing his thing, the site is here: GLAS


May the show go on.


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