Hey Girl Ryan Gosling memes

It is pretty much impossible not to adore Ryan – but for me it’s like the guys who read porn magazines for the educational articles on internet technology. He’s a fantastic, utterly fantastic actor, even his bad movie (Crazy, Stupid Love) is worth seeing to fill in a spot that shows what a well-rounded actor he is. He’s the most gorgeous looking man in the whole world? Ummm. I hadn’t noticed.

Of the meme series that are all but clogging up the internet, my favourite is the craft based one…Handmade Ryan Gosling

A few I especially like:

Hey girl 1

Where WIP is Work in Progress, ie stuff you’ve started and might never finish.

Hey girl 2

Where FO is Finished Object

Hey girl 3

Hey girl 4

Where etsy is internet site for selling stuff you’ve made, which ranges from good to truly comically terrible.

Hey girl 5

Hey girl 6

And this last one really happened to me….not with Ryan, of course. I’ve got my own Ryan substitute who does Hey Girl even better than the real one.

The craft Hey Girl Ryan Gosling series


2 thoughts on “Hey Girl Ryan Gosling memes

  1. I would have enjoyed this post except that you mentioned Crazy, Stupid Love. May I please remind you that I was stuck on a 24hr flight to Ausland where – o the raw, bleeding horror – Crazy, Stupid Love was the only English movie. I still wake up sweating and screaming at the memory of that atrocity and now the mere mention of it gives me palpitations of panic.


  2. That’s the Chinese for you. Their grand plan is to take over the world, and if they have to do it by showing Crazy, Stupid Love to every Englishman flying on their services, they’ll do it. Their determination knows no bounds.


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