Spaghetti with dandelion leaves

Having no idea what to do with these leaves, which I bought for the first time at the market on the weekend, and understanding them to be rather bitter, I tried this:

For two, whilst the spaghetti is cooking.

A bag of dandelion leaves, stemmed and washed as one would for rocket, then chopped
a chilli or two chopped
garlic, thinly sliced
shallots, slivered
parmesan cheese, grated

Gently fry the shallots until softened, add the garlic, chilli and anchovies, mashing the last of these into the sauce. I added the dandelion leaves fairly early as they seem to be quite robust, mixed all this thoroughly and left on a gentle heat. At the end of ten minutes the dandelion leaves had barely wilted, so they are nothing like spinach, which caves in at the first.

Drain spaghetti, mix into the sauce.

Very plain, easy, apparently rather good for you and absolutely most importantly, tastes fantastic.


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