French lentil easy come easy go soup

By request. Like girls, this gets better with age.

A cup or two of small green French lentils
Some carrot, onion, celery if you happen to have it, I threw in leeks this time instead. Dice these into smallish pieces.
Garlic, crushed or chopped.
Good bacon, bacon or ham bone, chorizo, sausage of some non-English type.
Something green to add at the end: spinach or a bunch or two of parsley are my choices.
Maybe stock/cube, this might depend on what your meat is like.

This is really just a soup where you throw in whatever is about. These particular lentils are forgiving and happy to be the star. Render the bacon fat, then saute the meat and vegetables over gentle heat in olive oil or a mixture of olive oil and butter and the bacon fat. Add the garlic near the end. Now the lentils, stir for a bit, next water or stock. Bring to boil and simmer for a good time, a couple of hours at least.

Add the green vegetables just before serving. Bread and butter, loads of freshly ground black pepper, and, since I am in Geneva, voila!

You can really do what you want here, this was just using what was in the cupboard. I blush to call it a recipe.

Having written that a while ago, I have decided that unless you are serving all the soup at once, you should not throw in the greens, you will simply overcook them. Do this instead.

While the soup is heating (I take mine from the fridge after it has sat for a day):

Clean and stem spinach, chop it. Finely chop garlic, gently fry in olive oil. Add the spinach when the soup is heated and saute until wilted. Mix in a little lemon juice. Place the spinach at the bottom of soup plates, and then fill with the soup. This way the spinach is not overcooked, and the fresh garlic/lemon juice adds a lovely zing to the soup.

Serve with good fresh bread or toast. We love this. It’s cheap, easy, healthy, and, as usual and vital – TASTES GREAT!


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