The rice salad that defies dislike

For quite some years I spent a lot of time cooking with a rice sook in mind. Maybe because he went to a posh boarding school as a tot, rice is repugnant to him. I don’t give up that easily, especially since I adore it. So, eventually I did find ways that didn’t involve him bursting into tears or leaving home*. He especially hates any carbohydrate cold/room temperature, so a rice salad was a real challenge. But here we have it. The rice salad that has defied the most hostile audience.

Rice, cooked in the absorption way and salted or even better, in chicken stock. How much depends. I’d do a cup for a couple of people as this salad is a meal, not by design, but because nobody can stop eating it.

Olive oil

Lemon juice

Rocket, stemmed, chopped finely.

Olives to taste, slivered.

Pine nuts toasted, which means heat a frying pan, throw them in and guard intently. Do not burn. This is not abstract advice, this is take-it-from-one-who-has.

Finely grated parmesan, maybe a quarter of a cup to 1 cup rice.

Lots of freshly grounded black pepper. As the rice is salted, maybe you don’t need to add salt.

Very finely chopped spring onion white.

Take some care in assembly, especially if not serving straight away. If your rice is freshly cooked, put in a bowl and cool a little. If it is, for example, precooked and from the freezer, defrost and warm a little. Thoroughly mix in olive oil and lemon juice. Now everything else but the spring onion. I leave that until just before serving as otherwise every atom in the salad is permeated by onion taste. That’s what I think of onion.

This doesn’t keep well, so overeat by all means.

*But then I left home. Somehow my plan succeeded and yet failed.


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