Extreme sport. Knitting.

So, I’m reading a test on the classification of cause of death and it’s not so much that questions 20 is this:

‘What is the external cause code for accidental perforation of eardrum by knitting needle?’,

which is code W44.0, by the way, should you be so careless as to need to know this, but the fact that it actually reads:

‘What is the external cause code for accidental perforation of eardrum by knitting needle (at home)?’

In other words there are many places where eardrums are perforated accidentally by knitting needles and home is just one of them. The dangers of knitting.

It brought to mind for me, the time I somewhat fell onto a bus seat in Adelaide and was stabbed in the process by my own knitting needle, stabbed in the thigh – hard enough to puncture the flesh and draw blood, though certainly not seriously. Use those rubber thingies on the end of your sticks, I thought to myself as I mopped up. Really REALLY good idea, which I am yet to implement, it being only 4 years down the track.

But it can be really serious. There is the story of the girl in NY who fell over on her way to a knitting group and discovered when she picked herself up that the reason she didn’t feel great was because she had a knitting needle stuck in her heart. Here is one link to the story.

I’m wearing my helmet next time I knit. Maybe a knitting needle proof vest. Hey….I wonder if you can KNIT one of those?


5 thoughts on “Extreme sport. Knitting.

  1. If you are of David’s line (quite probable, given how long ago he lived), you may be able to do this. I read yesterday in Burton’s translation of the Arabian Nights that David, according to Koranic legend, invented chain mail: he touched the metal and it became “as wax in his hands”. Though it’s true, I don’t know whether this meant he could knit with it.


  2. Crochet, however, must be safe. Given that knitting needles are banned on aircraft, but crochet hooks are not, we should stick to crochet.


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