The simplest tomato salad: think Indian

When lunch is this dhal and this rice the nicest thing to have with it, in summer, at least, is Indian tomato salad. In winter tomatoes just aren’t good enough.

This one has to be simple, it’s for eating with curries.

Finely chopped tomato
Finely chopped shallot/red onion
Freshly ground pepper
MAYBE garam masala

If you don’t have the wherewithal to grind your own GM, don’t use it. I generally leave it out anyway.

This is a tomato salad, not an onion salad. For 3 medium tomatoes I used half a shallot.

I guess any good tomato will do. For the first time today I used green zebra tomatoes. As I discovered: I’ve been waiting for SO long for them to ripen, only to have it finally explained to me that this is it. Green. Maybe faint orange tinge. I really don’t know if I approve. The colour of tomatoes is so important. Still, at least they are upfront about themselves, there’s no pretending to be red the way so many false tomatoes do these days.


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