Chocolate and pecan biscuits

I can’t believe in 2009 I posted my recipe for cheese rusks and promised that next I’d get to these. With dinner invites to friends’ places the next couple of nights and then catering for a train-picnic on Sunday for nine of us, biscuits will be just the thing to take everywhere.

As I write, cheese rusks are in the oven. They take a long time on low heat to dry out, so plenty of time to write this, go to the shop for chocolate and get the sweet biscuits ready to go in next.


125g butter
125g dark chocolate grated or chopped. I chop fairly finely.
100g castor sugar
100g brown sugar
a few drops vanilla essence
one egg, beaten
250g self-raising flour
60g pecans or walnuts chopped
pinch salt

While oven is pre-heating to 180C


Cream butter and sugars with vanilla
Add beaten egg
Fold in flour, salt, chocolate, nuts
Roll into balls, and place on baking tray, grease-proof paper
Cook for 10-12 minutes, they should be getting just a little brown on top, but you can always do this to your preference. They will get harder when cool.
Spread on wire rack until cold and then move to airtight container.

I must tell the story of the first time I cooked these for my brother, who with his wife was Tea Rose Duo. ‘Mmmm,’ he said. ‘Really. Mmmmm. These are great. Where did they come?’ Hilarious, since at the time TRD was sponsored by the famous Adelaide company Haigh’s Chocolates and every now and then Bernard put Haigh’s recipes on their site. This was one of them!


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