Tart revisited

The fact is, if it comes right down to it, that pizza dough is best, not least because puff pastry is practically all butter. But needs must. The puff pastry has been in the freezer two years past its useby date and, having survived our first encounter with it (last post), it was time to knock off the rest of it.

Le tart le Thomas
Le tart le Thomas

1 sheet of puff pastry defrosted. The sheet I used is quite large – the size of the oven tray.
pizza sauce – really, this could be thinly sliced tomato or whatever seems suitable along those lines.
good quality buffalo mozzarella
basil leaves, washed and torn
olive oil

I wanted this to be so, so plain. I’d made the pizza sauce ages ago, and discovering it lurking near the puff pastry in the freezer – the perfect match, surely.

Preheat the oven to 220C or whatever your packet instructions suggest. Bake the pastry on its own on baking paper for 10 minutes or so. Somewhere before it browns too much. Remove from oven, spread tomato sauce, or slices of FANTASTIC tomato onto the pastry and pop back in the oven for a few more minutes. Back out, tear the mozzarella into pieces and spread over the base. A drizzle of olive oil and back in the oven for very little time, just to soften the mozzarella and warm it slightly. A minute might be enough. Disperse torn basil leaves over the top and serve.

Mozzarella and basil tart.
Mozzarella and basil tart.

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