Spaghetti with the kiss of summer. We say goodbye.

To me this IS summer. It can’t possibly be made any other time of year.

For two.

garlic, if….
pine nuts

Whilst spaghetti is boiling do this.

Into a large salad size bowl add the best summer tomatoes, slivered and seeded. A shallot or two peeled and also slivered. Garlic finely slivered if it is truly good summer just picked garlic. Otherwise you are better off without it. A generous quantity of basil leaves, washed, dried and torn. A couple of tblesps of pine nuts you have first lightly toasted in frying pan. Add a few slugs of absolutely the best olive oil and a few dashes of equally good vinegar. I like the vinegar to be something that is refined, not tart. It should be no more than a hint behind the rest of the ingredients.

When the spaghetti is cooked, drain and add to the bowl, thoroughly mixing. At this point you also add shaved parmesan.

No need to rush everybody to the table for this one, it shouldn’t be ferociously hot.

summer spaghetti
summer spaghetti

This is dinner tonight and, having been obsessed with this dish over the past couple of months, I believe tonight we are saying goodbye to each other. Good tomatoes have all but disappeared from the markets we go to. And basil needs its yearly holiday. I imagine it is getting ready to head down to Australia. Can’t say as I blame it.


One thought on “Spaghetti with the kiss of summer. We say goodbye.

  1. This is indeed a fantastic dish – and if you can get the ingredients, very quick and easy to make as well! I just can’t recommend it too highly.


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