Aussie cheese rusks in Switzerland

I’ve been making these for a very long time now – the recipe post is here.

It had never occurred to me that these might be judged wanting by their cover.

cheese rusks (1)

Here in Geneva we are in that sort of patisserie land where everything has to look beautiful in a groomed, not-a-hair-out-of-place way. Nothing is rustic. Hence the first time I presented these to men, they have to be talked into trying them before they realised how good they were. For me this was an odd experience – we love things to look like we’ve bothered to make them ourselves in Australia. Here that is not so clear.

Still, if the locals are brave enough to try one, they never stop there….I spent a while making a double dose of these to give to Yirlean, our conversation exchange partner so that she wouldn’t miss us on our six week trip to Australia earlier this year. We saw her the very next day and they were gone. GONE!!! They were supposed to last 6 weeks and they didn’t even make 24 hours.

The biggest compliment these rusks have received also comes from Yirlean. She has a very young son she was quite worried about because he wasn’t eating, he was utterly miserable and losing weight. She was planning on taking him to the doctor the next day. But – miracle! – he ate cheese rusks happily, the only thing he would put in his mouth. There’s nothing like a one year old fan. And nothing like a cheese rusk if you are teething.


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