My first Christmas tree

‘Never had a Christmas tree before?’ Manny was incredulous. ‘Oh, we have to have a tree then.’

It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve over-analysed something. It is a frequent criticism of my declarer-play (for the bridgies reading this). ‘Yay. And I want a big pile of presents. I want a pile of presents taller than the tree.’

‘No problem’ said Manny…..

and we went out….

and we bought…..


the Christmas tree (2)

Yeah. Hilarious. But you just wait. It’s a live tree. One day I will get a really really big pile of presents….

the Christmas tree (1)

Unless Manny is right and it IS a bonsai Christmas tree.

It is SO cute.
It is SO cute.

5 thoughts on “My first Christmas tree

  1. you have to work on the pile 😉
    I also have my very first one own christmassy tree this year. I was just reluctant to already put it up, because I usually leave my decoration until february and I didn’t want to have a skeleton of a tree then, so it still rests outside in the cold (?). But I think this weekend I will decorate it.


  2. Is yours EVEN bigger than ours, Kerstin? We’re going to Australia NYE, but we have organised a friend who is going to take it before then and plant it in her garden, so it is nice to know it might still be alive for next Christmas.


  3. well we don’t have a tree this year but we have had Christmas trees and turkeys and plum puddings and presents and a few other things I think it is time you experienced!
    Pauline brought us cake last night – proper cake with Christmas icing. So you won’t get jealous can you sort it out with her about when you might all be able to come to afternoon tea?


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