The Lui Bar…its good side.

‘Of course you won’t need your umbrella’ I said to Manny as we packed to come over last January. ‘It’s summertime.’ So there we were on the fifty-something floor of the Rialto looking at – well, not much at all, really. I’d dropped in on the Lui for the first time a week earlier, watched a stunning sunset scene over Melbourne and thought Manny had to see it. It didn’t get much more touristy than that. Upmarket touristy, let me hasten to add.

So where we were? Oh yeah, looking at fog, that’s right. Actually, it had brightened up a treat. A couple of hours earlier, the waiter told us, you couldn’t see 2 inches past the window. We’d been watching a movie at that point, came out and we were treated to the summertime in Melbourne I’d been in denial over. We only had a ten minute walk to get from the movie to the Lui, but we were more than happy to wait twenty minutes for a cab to take us through the torrents of rain. We were still downcast little puddles, dripping everywhere when we got to the bar. Things picked up.


Lui Bar (5)

Lui Bar (6)


Lui Bar (7)

The Lui Bar
The Lui Bar

And a view to dry for.

Lui Bar (2)

Lui Bar (3)

Lui Bar (4)

If you want to do cocktails standing up, yelling over whatever it is that passes for music these days and hoping to….you know… (fill in to taste), this is NOT NOT NOT the place for you. But if you want to sit down, talk and maybe read a book while you are sipping away. Oh, okay, it’s true, I said it and I meant it. Read a book while having a cocktail. If you want to do that, take that lift up to the stratosphere and be warned, don’t even think about parachuting out before your bill’s paid. Would you believe, parachutes have to be checked into the cloakroom before admittance.


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