Aja revisited

Aja lunch (1)

I can remember the first time I took Annie to Aja, years ago now. Annie is Hong Kong Chinese. I’d suggested we met there and in my email to her I called the restaurant ‘Asian’, keeping it simple due to her own basic vocab. She said suspiciously when the food turned up ‘This isn’t Asian’. Well, of course not. It is mucked about classy Asian for nice white Albert Park punters. But gosh it’s good. REALLY good. Annie who is about a size 4 and worries that this is too fat, ate up all the food on her plate for the first time ever – usually I have to eat all mine and a fair chunk of hers.

Moving along to earlier this year and we were able to get there a couple of times for lunch. Nothing has changed. It is still impeccable. The first time we went I had the laksa, which is a bit posh to be authentic. Best in Melbourne by far for laksa is Nonya Hut at Syndal, but we just didn’t have time for trip that’s about 1.5 hours each way.

Lunch at Aja
Lunch at Aja

But honestly, there isn’t a thing on the menu I wouldn’t eat at Aja. Best quality ingredients, serene surrounds. Perfect.


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