A few regular city haunts in Melbourne

When we dropped into Strozzi we only wanted a snack. I have to say I was disappointed with our cheese platter, but to be fair, maybe we’d come in too late in the day and everything had untypically come from the fridge:

At Strozzi
At Strozzi

The tea still comes in those gorgeous pots and cups. I very much doubt that Strozzi should be canned on the basis of one slightly glum post Christmas experience. I’m planning to give them another shot!

Antipasto at The Journal, on the other hand, left nothing to be desired.

The Journal antipasto
The Journal antipasto

The tea is served in downmarket metal pots, the lids of which mysteriously are not the least inclined to close. Nonetheless, it comes with hot water, no questions asked. Indeed the first time I went there, I asked for extra hot water, realising that it was almost always necessary to do so, only to get the response ‘Wot, you want TWO extra pots of water?’

The dish of the day was also sampled at The Journal – and yes, French was better here than in France too. Love The Journal.

The European, on the other hand, gave us a slightly disappointing breakfast experience, whilst being about the most expensive in town. Has it lost its touch? I’ve had wonderful meals there in the past.


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