Brief Melbourne food notes

Albert Park Deli – good, nothing’s changed there that I could see.

Jimmy Watson’s – ranged between undistinguished and awful. The French fries were okay. The fettucine with mussels was dire. Still, it’s an institution and at least I’ve been now.

Hyatt on Collins for tea – good.

for lunch – an ordinary sandwich with that cold (somewhat) dryness that comes of being made too soon before being served. One of the things I greatly miss in Geneva is good Australian bread and I particularly yearned for Phillippa’s Toscano until this trip when I bought some and clearly absence had made my heart too fond. When here a year ago, I was told at a South Melbourne market shop that used to stock Phillippa’s, that they had stopped because the quality of Phillippa’s flour had gone right off. They were, I was informed, currently in discussion with Phillippa about this. Anna, on the other hand, when we discussed it yesterday stated the more obvious, that it is too big now. None of these small food businesses keep up quality when they do this. It was the small size that permitted easy quality maintenance in the first place. Small places with people who really care.


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