The Chocolate Buddha

Origami chopstick holders by Manny
Origami chopstick holders by Manny

In the UK, Wagamama is haute cuisine. I’ve never understood how the chain survives at all in Australia, let alone in Melbourne. For that sort of basic, good value, ‘Japanese-style’ (as I imagine it is marketed as), give me Chocolate Buddha any time.

We dropped in for lunch one day. Still reliable and with that Fed Square vibe which is one of the special things about Melbourne.

Chocolate Buddha Fed Square
Chocolate Buddha Fed Square

The Chocolate Buddha (4)


2 thoughts on “The Chocolate Buddha

  1. Wagamama in the UK isn’t actually Japanese … At least in my humble opinion. It is good quality Japanese ‘inspired’ food, but doesn’t seem to do sushi or sashimi, never mind bento boxes! It specialises in ramen & salad dishes, does a great salt & pepper squid, plus some okay curries (although not my idea of curry!). For a chain it’s pretty good, but for the kind of Japanese you’ve pictured I need to go to a Japanese restaurant.


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