I was in Simon Johnson’s off Brunswick St, talking to the very educated staff about the breakfast possibilities that have popped up since I was last in Melbourne when Fitzrovia was mentioned. As you can see, it agreed with us. Breakfast. Lunch. Breakfast again.

I did, however, meet a friend there who was surprised that I was taken with it. She only had the toast, being already wary from a past experience and was most unhappy with it, to the extent that she discussed it with the staff and left without being charged for it. I have to agree. The toast was bad. Not only was the bread poor quality, but they did something with it that a lot of places do in Australia, unfortunately – it was toasted to the point of arid desert dryness. Good toast has some denseness and chewiness in the middle, it is absolutely not crunchy like a crispbread. You should be able to cut it with a knife. It is true that bread is an important part of breakfast, so this may be unforgiveable. But there are lots of places that do almost everything impeccably, and a thing or two so very badly it beggars belief. See my post on tea for more on this. At the time I was willing to overlook the toast situation, but I’m not sure now. I’m reassessing just how much of a toast fussbudget I’m willing to be.

Fitzrovia (1)

Fitzrovia (2)

Fitzrovia (3)

Fitzrovia lunch (1)

Fitzrovia lunch (2)



5 thoughts on “Fitzrovia

  1. I feel very sorry for Manny. being subjected to all this fantastic Australian food. It’s only going to make it so much harder for him to settle back into the mediocre cuisine of Switzerland…


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