Il Fornaio

I haven’t mentioned yet that on our last trip to Australia, your intrepid explorers risked much to eat 48 breakfasts over the course of 6 weeks – yes, it is true, we sometimes had more than one breakfast on the one day. This we did for you, dear reader, to show you as much as we could of the true state of affairs in Breakfast Land as Australia could surely be renamed.

Il Fornaio's take on bircher. Mmmmm.
Il Fornaio’s take on bircher. Mmmmm.

Il Fornaio (2)

Wonderful. I only wish I had pictures to show you of our evening there where their cheeses proved irresistible. It is not demonstrated in number of shots, but for my money this might have been the best of the lot.


3 thoughts on “Il Fornaio

  1. 48 breakfasts? hmmm,,,how many morning teas, lunches, afternoon teas, dinners and suppers? (And why can you do all that and not put on weight?)
    It is most unfair. (I don’t intend to try Vegemite ice-cream though!)


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