Caesar’s salad as it was supposed to be.

Caesar’s Salad Dressing as it was supposed to be.

Long ago we lived in a world where mistakes and bad luck were allowed to happen. They were part of life. Anybody living in Europe will know how much legislation has taken place to stop food practices which are considered ‘dangerous’ to the health. I read somewhere that there are now underground restaurants in France where one can get food as it used to be prior to this interference with such an intimate part of our lives.

So, this recipe comes with a big warning. It has uncooked egg in it which is an illegal practice probably pretty well everywhere these days. If you use this recipe and die, just don’t come complaining to me. Ditto if you kill somebody else. Me, I’d rather eat well and die of this habit than eat badly and die of that habit, but I use the words ‘well’ and ‘badly’ in a way which is probably illegal too.

1 raw egg
half a cup of olive oil
juice of a lemon
1 teasp of wine vinegar (or more lemon)
3 cloves of crushed garlic
half a teaspoon dry mustard
half a teaspoon of worcestershire sauce
lots of freshly ground black pepper
crushed anchovies

Mix the above ingredients together in a jar with a lid that works. I mention ‘that works’ because you are going to shake it up vigorously and once I didn’t have a lid that matched the jar. A politician would have called what happened next ‘regrettable’, I imagine. This dressing keeps well in the fridge for several days.

Toss with baby cos lettuce leaves, from the heart of the lettuce, not those nasty ones from the outside.

bacon and croutons as an optional garnish

The best bacon, cut into little chunks and fried. And please, if you are going to use croutons, don’t buy them. Thickly slice some bread, fry it in something nice, honestly, it won’t take any longer than getting the car out to drive to your nearest crouton shop.


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